Shopping in Stockholm, Sweden

Everyone is fascinated by Scandinavian minimalistic design and fashion. This is a guide to shopping in Stockholm if you only have a weekend in the city.

Oysters in Brighton, England

Brighton, England, is not as sleepy as its seaside town neighbors and has still got some of its chic charm left. The town is easily reachable by car or train from London.

Flights: Seven sensible savings

Everyone wants a good deal on flights and hotels, so use these methods next time you book! Never pay full price for something you can get at a reduced price.

Top 5 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Going on holiday can be extremely stressful. You are constantly torn between running around seeing as much as possible and the resting in the comfortable sun chairs. How many times haven’t we been optimistic and packed two novels, only to discover them in the bottom of the suitcase when we return home and unpack? Most…

Death row meals in Rio de Janeiro

Three restaurants I would return to during the next Brazil trip: Sushi Leblon Leblon is an extremely nice part of Rio and much safer than the rest of the areas. We could quite happily walk around in the area without feeling unsafe. It also appears to be the home of plastic surgeons and fancy restaurants….

Six hours in Toronto, Canada

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a new city or country and not see anything. I went on a business trip to Toronto for two days in the middle of January 2014. It was -24 degrees (a record at the time) and I spent both days in meetings. The six hours I got…

72 hours in Reykjavík, Iceland

This is how we spent 72 well-used hours in Reykjavík: FOOD: Fiskmarkaðurinn The Fish Market offers its diners the freshest fish you will ever eat unless you catch it yourself. It would be my death row meal simply because their policy is there shouldn’t be more than four hours between the fish swimming in the sea…