Four Seasons Hotel Doha, Qatar


Doha is my favourite city in the Middle Eastern countries. My fascination with the Middle East is beyond me, I just know that I love the combination of old tradition together with the new skyscrapers. Living in a city in Europe becomes pretty boring after a while since the buildings have been around for donkeys years and nothing ever changes (apart from The Shard I suppose).

I’ve been to Doha twice already in 2017 and both times I stayed at The Four Seasons Hotel. Everything from the service, to the beds, to the pool architecture to the atmosphere is incredible. The rooms all have sliding doors into the marble bathrooms and their bathrobes are the lightest fluffiest white things I have ever seen. The pool area is an architectural master piece. The various pools, garden, lunch bar and ice cream trolley fits perfectly. If you are prefer the beach, there is a private one of those with a shell covered seafront. Your view from the sun loungers offer turquoise water and the round Nobu sushi restaurant. The staff always check you have plenty of towels, fresh Four Seasons branded water in mini coolers and give you scented cold towels when the sun is strong. They also offer complimentary sunglass cleaning and sunscreen with SPF30. What else can you ask for? Oh yeah the cedar salad with chicken and a glass of cold rose wine for lunch – to die for.

Water by Four Seasons
Water at the Four Seasons
Nobu Doha
Nobu Doha – you have to swim to get there and then again to catch the sushi
The view from our bedroom
Four Seasons view, 5-star
Doga life by the pool
More hotel room views
The best chicken salad ever

Always judge the hotel by their breakfast bar. I have three rules: 1. Never check-in to a hotel without breakfast included, 2. never order breakfast to your room, 3. always check the fruit and juice selection for freshness and options! Lets just say, Four Seasons Doha doesn’t disappoint. The fresh juice bar has Instagram worthy mini juice bottles with straws. The fruit station on ice is incredible and the kitchen caters to everyone. If you want to eat a traditional Middle Eastern breakfast you are in the right place. Feeling like a Western world brekkie? No problem, this is your home. Once you have stuffed yourself, grab a take away cup, fill it with coffee and read the paper in the lounge. Or, you can go back to the most magical beds on the planet. The sleep quality at the Four Seasons truly does have a 5-star rating.

Fruit and breakfast juice
View from the top
The Four Seasons Juice bar
Checking out in dressing gown…

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