Demel, Vienna


I don’t like chocolate. I know, controversial¬†thing to say. I eat it, but I believe other women get some type of craving for the darn thing. And then they get fat and wonder how that happened. I do however like Demel, the chocolate and pastry shop in Vienna’s town centre. At a first glance, the place can appear crowded, overpriced and dark, but if you look closely you’ll find the traditional and luxury chocolatier. Established in 1786, the caf√© and shop offered the true luxury experience with quality handmade products and hot drinks. The treats from this establishment are still wonderful, but the tourists waiting in line for a table in the small saloon takes away from the experience. Browse the shop instead, that’s why I did. Take the opportunity to look at the artwork, this chocolate rabbit is stunning!

Easter bunny Demel Vienna
Easter in Demel
Demel chocolate Vienna
Demel bags Vienna
Easter egg chocolate Vienna


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