3 cool things in Stockholm

The Swedes are forward thinking and the work structure (flat and always encouraging team decisions) allows the best ideas to be curated and then actioned. Here are three really cool things happening in Stockholm right now.

Pedestrian access

Cycling lanes have existed in Sweden, and particularly in Stockholm, for a long time, but only recently have the zebra crossing on cycling lanes been introduced. It used to be rather intimidating to try and cross a cycling lane to be able to reach the zebra crossing on the road, but now that’s sorted too. Genius!

Zebra crossing
Zebra crossing on cycling lanes


Many brands are still looking to find a way to interact with potential customers outside their stores. This shop on Mäster Samuelsgatan in Stockholm is letting people sample their products outside their store. This means they reach a wider audience and make people smile in the cold winter months when even the manliest hands needs some tender love and care. Handcream available 24/7, even if the store isn’t open then.

Aesop samples outside their shop

Recycling art

Most recycling stations in Stockholm are open seven days a week and at convenient times for people to go late after work or weekends. The more modern recycling stations works like a drive-though with over 30 different containers for various materials and waste. You sort your rubbish, they recycle it for you free of charge. The stations are modern and now also kitted out with sculptures and art made from waste or recycled material. Follow the art on Instagram with the hashtag #circulardesign

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