Oysters in Brighton, England

Brighton, England, is not as sleepy as its seaside town neighbors and has still got some of its chic charm left. The town is easily reachable by car or train from London and is well worth a day trip, at least in the summer months when the heat in London can be over-powering.

Take a quick trip down to beach and the famous Brighton Pier, the one that hasn’t burnt down that is, and look at the families enjoying the rainy English summer.

Escape the biting June wind and rain that comes in under your umbrella no matter how you hold it and search for shelter in The Lanes. Wander aimlessly on the small streets, pop into second hand shops, jewelers with antique engagement rings and first editions bookshops. The boutiques smell a bit strange, but most people somehow find treasures here.

Have lunch at Riddle & Finns, an oyster and champagne bar with incredible fresh seafood. Their house champagne is Pol Roger and above the entry you can see several Magnum, Jéroboam and Réhoboam sizes of the fine French brand. The bottles are rather dusty so I suspect nobody has yet thrown their Amex at the table and ordered a Pol Roger Winston Churchill 2004. The crab looked a little suspicious, see picture, but tasted divine. We can also vouch for the Rossmore Rock oysters, grilled lobster and the chilly temperature of the normal sized bottle of Pol.

The Royal Pavilion stands out against the rather worn surroundings so shouldn’t be too hard to find even after a bottle of champagne. The exterior of the former royal residence shows clear Indian inspiration and the inside is like navigating a bizarre Alice in Wonderland home where each room features a new style, colour and theme. Harder to find your way out of the building than it was to find the way in. I blame Pol Roger.

Location: Riddle & Finns, 12b Meeting House Ln, Brighton BN1 1HB

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