El Caminito instagram backdrop, Argentina

There is nothing better than a good picture and there is nothing that inspires me more in my photography than colour. I therefore had to visit to El Caminito in Buenos Aires when we went earlier this year. Tango originally emerged from La Boca’s conventillos, the colourful buildings in El Caminito. Even if it is the city’s poorest neighbourhood, this part radiates culture and passion. The reason the houses are painted in different colours is because the owners used leftover paint to colour them. The paint left from one jar wouldn’t be enough, hence the use of several colours for one building. Compared to the favelas in Rio, El Caminito is very safe during the day and you’ll find any tourists walking around here. The one and only Bar is very popular, not just because of its cold beers, but also free wifi.

Spot the boys outside the bar.
When you can’t agree on the house colour…
Buenos Aires response to the Flat Iron building in New York.
Side alley paintings
Fresh orange juice for sale from a street vendor.
The pink wall. I really like this one.
Not all people here are real.
Lunch hangout in El Caminito
Small figures carved from matches
Painting on the Bar side wall.
My kind of door. Love green!
The corner shop in pink and blue.
The bird café

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