Six hours in Toronto, Canada

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a new city or country and not see anything. I went on a business trip to Toronto for two days in the middle of January 2014. It was -24 degrees (a record at the time) and I spent both days in meetings. The six hours I got on my own was after dinners so most places were shut.

I did sneak up to the top of the hotel with colleagues, hung out of the window to throw out boiling water from a mug, only to see it vaporise immediately. At such low temperatures, boiling water becomes gas or ice crystals immediately. Highlight of my Toronto trip! Lame.

However, I did have one hell of a view from my bed. I could look out over the business district and see all the things I didn’t have time to visit. Canada is definitely a place I want to explore more – skiing in particular! I’m pretty sure the country has more to offer than extreme temperatures and bedroom views…

What is the fly in seat button?
What does the fly in seat button do?
Toronto in -34 degrees
Toronto in -34 degrees
Best sign in a while
Starbucks competitors
Welcome to your room view…


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