Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain

I have to admit, staying at the Four Seasons had been on my bucket list for quite some time, so when I finally did I expected a lot. We basically booked ourselves in for a 48 hour spa, pool and eating season with the view to not leave the luxury resort. It worked and by the time we were supposed to check out we struggled to leave the room key behind. We actually ended up throwing ourselves in a taxi back to the Four Seasons during a four hour layover at Bahrain airport a week later just to have their gahwah (Arabic coffee) at the orange and white tiled tables in the lobby. You only live once and when was the next time we would be allowed five-star gahwah?

Four Seasons Bahrain offers three pools (one being infinity and beyond) and access to sea water swimming. We ended up running between all of them just to make the most of our stay. I particularly enjoyed the blue shiny small tiles in the side pool as they reflected the light brilliantly in the afternoon. I would like to use the “instagrammable” word here again please. Please head into the spa for the salt inhalation room too. You can’t miss it, it looks like a turkish sauna, but has a salt rock in the middle of the room which changes colour…

We tried CUT by Wolfgang Puck one evening, a steak restaurant with extremely good beef considering it’s hardly eaten in the Middle East. The recommended red wine did go down a treat and we received signed menus by the chef as we basically rolled out of the restaurant. Delighted with the steak, we put all our money on the asian restaurant on the 50th floor, re Asian Cuisine by Wolfgang Puck, the next evening. We were so disappointed! The food, mainly dim sum, was bland, cold, undercooked, overcooked and everything you don’t want 5-star hotel food to be. We complained, they gave us a discount, but we still felt slightly embarrassed on their behalf. Mr Puck was clearly not having a good day that day. The hotel breakfast made up for it then next morning and eating with gold cutlery woke up even the most tired sleepwalker. If you are out in Bahrain I encourage you to try some local Middle Eastern food rather than food you can eat at home. Worth mentioning is the bar on the 50th floor – well worth a visit for a martini and the spectacular view over Bahrain.

I really can’t wait to go back, actually, I’m already planning to compare and contrast with Four Seasons Doha over New Year’s Eve this year! Stay tuned and hydrated with plenty of champagne until then.

Location: Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay, Business Bay, Manama 334, Bahrain

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